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Welcome to Tuners Expressed. I’m Jack Fredericks and I am a car tuning enthusiast. I am 41 years old and I Love the car industry. I am into anything with an engine. From motocross to autocross,Jack_Riding side by sides to rc car’s. Oh don’t forget Weed Eaters. I have had everything from V8 torque to high tuned all motor 4 bangers, not to forget high horsepower forced induction imports. I like to try different combinations and make small tweaks to extract as much power safely out of my projects.

I have owned a 69 Elco, a 67 Chevelle that ran 11.00’s, 5 Honda’s – 1 running 12’s. I finally got myself a 04 Mitsubishi EVO RS and went step by step through small tweaks at a time. Finally running 11:40’s and 530BHP with the stock EVO 8 turbo. What?? YEAH!!

The reason we started Tuners Expressed is to create a common place to share all our crazy ass ideas, and get others as JACK’D up about cars as we are. So sit back have a coke and a smile and check out our ludacris antics while we entertain the pants off of you.



Joe SimmonsI am Joe, I’m extreme! Everything I do is to the Max of my ability and budget. I love surfing big waves and have even charged the infamous Bonzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii. I have driven 194 mph in my second gen RX7 and 718 mph flying the jet. I am easily obsessed by motorsports. Especially different and unique vehicles. I’ve owned everything from a convertible Blazer, five RX7’s, AWD turbo Talon, and a Grand National.

I wanted to be a part of Tuners Expressed so that I have a hallpass from my wife, to be so extremely involved into cars.

Truthfully though, I wanted to share my opinions, weather it be right or wrong, to encourage others to think and express what they feel about the automotive industry. So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. As we take you on a voyage of excitement and controversy. Grab some chips with that Coke and wipe that silly smile off your face, it looks like you got gas or something.

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