American vs. The Japanese

American vs Japanese


WOW! Did I just say that.


I am a big fan of both though.

I have had 5 Chevy’s and 6 Japanese Cars. They both have their own great points to having either one.


  • Chevy’s have some of the best looking cars out there. -Especially the Nostalgic Cars
  • Longest lasting cars and trucks as well.
  • As well as a engine that has truly stood the test of time… the Chevy 350, and now the LS engine.

Now for the Japanese counterpart:

  • Japanese cars are lighter and have an understanding of performance is affected by weight.
  • Also, Japanese cars have used uni-body technology for ever. This exoskeleton  makes the chassis stronger and stiffer, resulting in better all around performance.
  • Japanese Cars have great fuel economy too.



OMG Jack! Are you saying what I think your saying…..?

You want to pit the Japanese Cars Vs. the American Cars?


Now that’s a challenge!




I’ll take the American Cars, you take the Japanese Cars…… If that’s O.k with you?



Oh! I’ll absolutely take the Japanese Cars… Your getting smoked!

First off, lets talk about reliability. American Cars don’t stand a chance. Toyota, Honda, Subaru need I say more?

Japanese Cars have been outlasting the American Cars for hundreds of thousands of miles longer with fewer repairs. Japanese Cars have tighter tolerances and build quality.

Remember all those Toyota commercials?




I remember all the media of the sticking gas peddles…

What is this? A test in the 80’s. I’ll give you that. IN the 80’s Japanese cars were better, ahead of their time. Really they were more simple.

But Now! American cars are better then ever. With warranty that meet or exceeds the Japanese models.

With proper maintenance American cars last just as long and with as few repairs. Regarding moving up the reliability ratings, Ford moves faster then Jenna Jameson on a first date.

As far as ahead of their time, take a look at the New Ford Taurus SHO. With a turbo six and direct injection making 365 hp and still getting great gas millage.


Speaking of power, American Cars make power in a big way. If you wanna go fast GO American!



What! American Cars make power. O.K. But going fast has more to the equation then Horsepower. Are you NUTS?

What happened to Weight in that power to weight ratio question?

For example look at your perdy Dodge Challenger…

With 470hp, and an average Joe driver, this slug is lucky to labor to a 13 flat.

I know Honda civics running LOW 10’s with that much power.

Oh! and don’t try turning, it handles like a milk truck! or stopping twice in a row you’ll melt the brakes faster then an ice cream bar in Roseanne’s mouth.



Yes. It’s heavy. But with classic lines, everyone can over look the Dodge badge and a few short comings.

If it was handling you were looking for… Look no further. I proudly present the ZR1 Corvette. The answer to every thing you can throw at or talk Shit about American Cars.


You got nothing on this car!

Power, Handling, Looks, Brakes, Style.

Sit and Spin on that for a while. LoL



Sit and spin for a while is all your going to do! Smokin’ the tires. All the while I launch waaaay out in front of you!

Yeah! We got budget like that now? Well O.k. then… Bring it on!

Eh hem!

I introduce to you the world renown…… wait for it… Drum roll…

Godzilla! Properly known as the Nissan GTR.

You spoke of being ahead of it’s time with the Taurus, Well the GTR is so far ahead it’s left American Cars in the dust.

On the track, and that’s any track, and especially the road. Nothing, even your “special” ZR1 can’t touch this car.

This car can even make YOU a good driver. Ha!



Well lets raise the bar once more. What about the Saleen S7 twin turbo.

With 1000hp, 10.5 quarter mile time and a road course car to boot. It has a top speed of 248mph and has racing history in the American Le Mans.

This car is mid engine and will give anything you got a good ass whoop’n

Now what! Japan doesn’t have anything even close to the S7 tt.



Well that’s a total race car.

My next step I WAS going to go to would have been the Lexus LFA, but it’s obvious you got me here.

Yeah, Right!

How about those race cars anyways? Toyota & Honda have race cars too.

I know your thinking you’ll bring out your NASCAR next so I’ll just shut that door now with two little words..

Formula One.

Honda and Toyota have been the leaders in F1 for a dozen years. And that’s where the Japanese Cars have come on top of the American ladder and there are no more rungs to climb my friend.

The End!



Almost got it! Nice Job, You were so close.

Did you forget?

FORD as in Cosworth… Ha ha. you did.

I’m just getting started… I haven’t even touched Top Fuel and our 7000 hp division.





In today’s world of variety and style. Ones image can be projected through their vehicle. For some people, cars are a means of going from “A” to “B”. For others they are a way to express themselves. With  the aftermarket world, and internet access, anyone can create a custom work of art. Showing that you stand out from the crowd. Not just some cookie cutter asshole!


Agree? Disagree?

Share your thoughts where do YOU stand?

American vs. The Japanese….?

Comment Below!





6 Responses to American vs. The Japanese

  1. jesse May 4, 2012 at 5:42 am #

    Nice job guys. But shal I introduce to you the DIESEL era? Guys that I know are running over 1000hp and 2000fptq. All the while getting 25 to 35 mpg. With power like that in a 9000lb 4 door 4×4 longbed truck and running 10.9 in the quarter mile. It is hard to compare with that when this engine is running all off pump fuel at a regular fuel station, no high octaine 10$ per gal race fuel here. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE FELLAS!

    • Jack May 8, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

      Ok, fair enough but how long does it take to stop that beast another 1/4 mile. CHOO CHOO!! Now what are you comparing it to. There are guys running in the 9′s with that much power or less on pump gas. Just to give you an example check out this video. This is 4 cylinder power for ya… and its a 4 door!

    • Joe May 18, 2012 at 2:03 am #

      $10 race gas what are you smokin’ in your piece pipe?

      E-85 baby! It’s 3 bucks a gallon, equals 105 octane, and has the great anti-knock properties of alcohol.

      Oh wow! 1000hp and 2000lbs tq. out of a dang near 8 liter v-8 Turbo. Come on?

      Torque is great for getting things moving… after that horsepower is what gets all the work done.

      Is that why Top Fuel is moving to Diesel? NOT!

      Diesel is great for torque (towing) and fuel economy.

      Wanna drag race? Use your diesel truck to tow your GAS CAR to the track and get good mileage doing it.

  2. jesse May 19, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    Look up damitri millard on youtube he lives in utah and drives his truck every day. He has turned the dyno to 1950hp and over 2500lbs tq. He ran a 9sec pass yesterday with a diesel truck. Of coars a CHEVY! He drives his truck on a regular basis. Try and do that with a gas powered vehicle.

  3. Eric R October 5, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    I love both Japanese and American, but what happen with European? Lol I love them all, but more of a muscle car guy. Ford to be exact, I just dislike making FWD cars really fast. AWD and RWD only!

  4. Jack October 16, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

    We Love all makes and models. If they are great we can’t get enough of them.
    RWD cars probably are some of the best cars. Very difficult to drift FWD cars!

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