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You know it just takes so long to figure out what performance parts you need and it can be a daunting task. You could spend hours researching. Asking question after questions.

So where do you start?

Of course doing research in the forums first, Google, The Track, follow your favorite shop going fast and just follow the shops lead. That’s what I did and I had the Fastest 04 Stock Turbo EVO on the west coast. I ran an 11.40 in the 1/4.

Never follow guys that mismatch parts. Trying to follow those guys that mismatch so many different parts from so many different companies is BS and in my opinion personally you should never follow someone like that.

Follow what works and you will have one Bad Ass ride. Well, I have created a quick mindmap of where to start and where you should finish at with your quest to making your car or truck go fast and look good.

You can also use my mindmapping software I use. Just get this mindmap software and download it to your computer. It’s a FREE download.

Just click the image below and feast your eyes on my easy way of doing all the steps in order of research.

P.S. You can also edit and make it work for your needs…

Enjoy and Stay Tuned!


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