New EFI Tuning Course – Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Fastuun EFI SimplifiedNew EFI Tuning Course – Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Wow! What can I say… FASTuuN EFI Simplified. A Brand in the making!

FASTuuN is taking the Tuning World by storm, by revolutionizing the way automotive enthusiasts learn to tune electronic fuel injection.

Jack Fredericks and Joe Simmons are the masterminds behind the movement of radically changing the tuning culture. Along with their, surprise, unnamed resident tuner; these guys are bring innovation and technology together to help average Joe’s and Joann’s get a real world understanding how to tune EFI.

You see, FASTuuN has created a gateway into the mind of a Master Tuner. They have brought this invaluable information to you, in a convenient and usable manner.

No longer will you have to wait for a tuning course to your city. Or worse, travel to a temporary tuning site that was rented for the day. Not to mention the expense you’ll incur for an airline ticket, rental car, hotel, and food. Besides that, who wants to sit in a boring classroom listening to tuning “theory”? Then watch a guy do a couple pulls on a Dyno and impress you with THEIR knowledge. All the while you didn’t learn a dang thing!

All of this, SOLVED!

I know what you’re thinking… Why? and How?

First, the Why?

Simply put, the guys at FASTuuN saw a real need to solve a major issue in learning to tune EFI. “Learning” to tune EFI was extremely hard to do or cost prohibitive. The information was out there. No one wanted to share the true secrets of tuning EFI. Forums are full of booby traps of information. Tuning schools do not divulge all of their knowledge, because of time restraints or other motives. Their training is also full of holes and costs thousands of dollars.

That’s a buzz kill!

All of this, SOLVED!

Now, the How?

This training is not a typical tuning course. More on that later.

In this New EFI Tuning Course, FASTuuN incorporates a level of learning that you just can’t get anywhere else. You’ll learn the fundamentals, of course! However, you’ll learn these in a way that is unique to FASTuuN. The fundamentals, which is a necessity, will be your base knowledge that will help you correlate what you will learn thereafter.

You will learn everything in between as well as the advanced levels of tuning. You’ll be submerged so deep into the advanced levels of tuning, that upon course completion you will be fluent in tuning.

This will be the knowledge that will be a required when you look to tune your own vehicle. You won’t be limited to tuning your own vehicle but friend as well. If tuning for an income is what you’re looking for FASTuuN is where to start.

The information in  the FASTuuN EFI Simplified course is a no holds barred, wide open throttle learning event!

The skillset you will learn will leave you prepared and ready to tackle your first tune right out of the gate.

Again, I am a mind reader. You’re thinking… Man! That’s going to be expensive.

Well, Flat out. You’re wrong!

Simply put, they have priced this right. As a matter of fact it’s downright affordable.

Above I mentioned FASTuuN is not your typical tuning course. It’s Not?

Their philosophy is; it’s a family “the FASTuuN family”. Once you’re family, your family for life. That’s just a teaser and all I can share. I probably said too much already.

All of the details, and the name of FASTuuN’s resident tuner, will be exposed on October 10th 2012.

That’s Right! Shocking the Tuning World on…


Check out this New EFI Tuning Course Now!





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