NMCA WEST Coast Shootout at Pomona

NMCA Shootout PomonaWow! The Second Annual Lucas Oil NMCA WEST Coast Event held at one of the greatest drag strips in the country, Historic Auto Club Raceway Pomona, Ca,. on Aug. 17-19. I have to say it was a success.

There was some of the greatest racing I have seen in a long time. Some close calls and some great heads up racing. There was a small car show and a small swap meet. BUT the NMCA WEST Coast event had many racers show up to put it down on the dragstrip.

On Saturday, they had some great races until the Auto Club Raceway decided to drop the Pro Street cars to eighth mile competition due to a crash by fellow racer Terry Barkley when he hit the wall. The track was very slick due to the heat that day. Luckily he wasn’t hurt. On Sunday, even more awesome races. Especially during the 240-mph Garrett Turbo Pro Street cars. All I have to say is, WOW!

The NMCA West Coast event at Pomona I think was a big hit with everyone. Thanks NMCA…


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