The 7 Must Do’s To Beat Your Buddy


Have you ever had a buddy that was always one step or car length ahead of you?My_Cars_Faster_Than_Yours
Well, I have and it sucks!

If your like me, competitive, then you always want to be on top.

Unfortunately, my budget hasn’t always been unlimited.

So, here are 7 ways to beat your buddy.

#1. Get the best tires you can afford.
I’ve dropped almost a full second in the 1/4 mile with just a good set of tires.

#2. Make sure your clutch can hold the power you have with your new found traction.

#3. Lighten up the car. Anything not bolted down must go.
Its a good rule of thumb, that for every 100lbs equals a tenth in the 1/4.

#4. Suspension is critical, otherwise you might see the wall out of windows you don’t normally see them from.
Another bonus is the weight transfer during launch for rear-drive cars and also to keep the front tires planted on
Front-drive cars.

#5. Power gains through engine upgrades.

#6. Aerodynamics are important at high speeds. However, if too ambitious they will actually slow your car down.

#7. Driving lessons.. or practice. I can’t tell you how many faster cars I beat just because the driver was lousy.

So, next time you get a challenge from you buddy and your going to the track, look for these upgrades on their car.
If you have accomplished more of these fundamentals, chances are you got him beat.

Good luck, be safe and

Stay Tuned

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